Pulz CSX5 Co-axial Surround Speaker System

  • Product Code: 7471E-X
  • Pulz CSX5 Co-axial Surround Speaker System

The Pulz CSX5 Surround Speaker System is ultra small in size and is designed to reproduce immersive audio soundtracks faithfully in medium and small studios and reference screening rooms. Powered with a 5” co-axial driver of European origin, CSX 5 is capable of very high SPL and uniform dispersion throughout the room. In the conventional surround speaker systems, multiple drivers are aligned either vertically or horizontally. This design may produce off axis lobes and uneven frequency response. The Pulz 5” driver with the co-axially placed HF unit on the other hand is coherent and produces smooth on and off axis frequency response.

A sophisticated passive crossover with close tolerance components ensures seamless integration of low and high frequency drivers. The vented enclosure is CAD optimised for precise low frequency loading. The geometry of the acoustically transparent grill minimises diffraction. Heavy duty spring-loaded terminal posts facilitates convenient and secure connectivity at site.

The shape of CSX5 allows it to be wall mounted with a 15° downward angle. Security hooks are provided at the back of the enclosure. T-Nuts are also embedded on the sides of the enclosure, so that end user may design simple C-brackets as per their requirements.

T-nuts are embedded on the sides and rear to facilitate a variety of mounting options typical of cinemas. The heavy duty MDF enclosure is finished with abrasion resistant textured paint.

The Pulz CSX5 incorporates advanced technology driver and components to deliver dynamic, high SPL and wide dispersion sound into medium and large cinemas to reproduce ambience and effects.


  • Co-axial and High Performance Driver
  • 90° Conical Dispersion
  • High Sound Pressure Level
  • Smooth Frequency Response on and off axis
  • Mounting Options
  • Professional Construction
  • High Quality Components

Frequency Range 100 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity 92.5 dB @ 1W / 1m
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Transducers 5"(127mm) LF driver with co-axial exit 1"(25mm) HF compression driver co-axially mounted
Crossover 4 kHz passive, low loss air core inductors and MKP capacitors
Finish Black impact resistant structured coating
Maximum Distance at 99dB 6 m (19.5 ft)
Maximum SPL (Continuous) 114 dB continuous, 120 dB peak
Construction & Characteristics
Grill Acoustically transparent black woven fabric
Dimensions & Packaging
Net Weight 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs)
Packed Weight 6.0 kg (13.7 lbs)