Pulz HD+14000Q Platinum Power Amplifier

  • Product Code: 111
  • Pulz HD+14000Q Platinum Power Amplifier

Our HD series of amplifiers are especially developed to cater to today’s needs where brute power is demanded but the dimensions need to be compact and the reliability needs to be very high.

HD 14000 is a force ventilated four-channel amplifier that can be bridged to a two-channel amp to yield a total of 14000 watts peak power. However, at four ohms the amp can deliver generous 2800 watts RMS per channel; that too with just 2U dimensions. With Handy attenuators in front, the amp can be easily safeguarded against the abuse. Selectable VPL (Voltage Peak Limiter) and CPL (Current Peak Limiter) settings, high temperature fault indicator etc. can further enhance the reliability of the amp.

Frequency Response 1.5 Hz - 34 kHz
Signal To Noise Ratio >112 dBA
Input Impedance 20 Ω
Slew rate 1000 V/us
Channel Separation > 70 dB
Input Connectors 3 pin XLR electronically balanced
Cooling front to rear airflow , temperature controlled speed
Number of channels 4
Peak total output all channel driven 14000 W
Peak output voltage per channel 155 V
Max. output current per channel 60 A Peak
16 ohms per ch. (all ch.' s driven) 730 W
4 ohms per ch. (all ch.' s driven) 2800 W
2 ohms per ch. (all ch.' s driven) 3500 W
8 ohms Bridged per ch. 4800 W
4 ohms Bridged per ch. 7000 W
Performance with Gain 38 dB
THD 20 Hz - 20 kHz for 1 W 0.001
THD at 1 kHz and 1 dB below clippi 0.0005
Output impedance @ 100 Hz 25 mΩ
Voltage Peak Limiter mode (per ch. Hard/Soft
Default gain 35 dB
Level adjustment (per ch.) Front-panel potentiometer, detented from - to 0 dB
Outout connectors (per ch.) Neutrik speakon or Binding posts
Output bridge mode per two ch.'s A+B - ch. A is signal input source A
Common Power Average Limiter (PAL) 2); Power On
Per channel Signal present / High-impedance; -20 dB , -15 dB , -10 dB and -4 dB output,Signal; Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL) ; Current Peak Limiter (CPL),Very High Frequency (VHF); High temperature ; Fault ; Mule
Input Comman Mode Rejection, CM 54 dB
VPL , selectable per ch. (V) 155, 121, 101, 83, 70, 56, 47, 38 V
Construction & Characteristics
8 ohms per ch. (all ch.' s driven) 1450 W
16 ohms Bridged per ch. 2350 W
Power Requirements 180 - 255 V/95 - 125 V
Power Average Limiter (PAL) Yes
Soft start / Inrush Current Draw Yes/Max, 5A
Mains connector 230 V CE; 16 A CEE7; 115 V ETL: 30 A Twist lock
Dimensions & Packaging
Dimensions (H X W X D) W: 483mm. (19"),H: 88mm.(2 U), Overall D: 396mm. (15.6"), Mounting D: 358mm. (14.1")
Net Weight 10.5 kg, (23.15 Ibs).