Pulz M2 Premium High Resolution 2-way Cinema Screen Speaker System

  • Product Code: 5131QC
  • Pulz M2 Premium High Resolution 2-way Cinema Screen Speaker System

The M2 Premium high resolution full-range 2-way cinema screen speaker system has been developed for use in prestigious small to medium size cinema environments. The system consists of a single 15” low frequency, high efficiency transducer working in conjunction with a unique high frequency compression driver. The 90º horizontal and +20º to -30º vertical pattern control horn exhibits uniform HF response throughout the cinema auditorium.

The LF driver is loaded in a direct radiator, bassreflex enclosure. The vented enclosure design is chosen to extend low frequency performance while limiting cone excursion. This also reduces distortion and driver strain. The large port area minimises air turbulence at full power output and low frequencies.

The adjustable steel bracket allows the finer alignments of the horn to suit individual auditoriums, which can then be locked into position. A 5-way binding post facilitates easy connection to cables up to 6sq.mm. core area. The system can be conveniently biamped using the Pulz XO47 active crossover.

The exteriors are finished in textured black matt finish to eliminate light reflections behind the screen. The system is recommended for auditoria of upto 50 feet long (15 meters) or approx 100 seats.

Frequency Response 45Hz to 20KHz, -10dB @ 34Hz
Power Rating LF: 600W AES, 2400W Peak; HF: 80W AES, 450W Peak
Sensitivity LF: 98dB 1W/1m,HF: 113dB 1W/1m
Maximum SPL LF 125.8 dB; HF 132 dB continuous
Nominal Impedance LF 8 Ω; HF 8 Ω
Recommended Amplifier 300W to 900 W
Low Frequency Driver 15" (381mm) weather resistant long excursion woofer
High Frequency Driver 1.5"(38mm) compression driver
Crossover 1kHz Active
Finish Black impact resistant structured coating
Connector 5-way binding post, cable up to 6.0 sq.mm
Enclosure 18 mm MDF direct radiator vented enclosure
Horn 90˚ horizontal, -30˚ + 20˚ vertical
Dimensions & Packaging
Dimensions (H X W X D) 960mm X 710mm X 382mm (37.8" X 28" X 15")
Net Weight 50 kg
Packed Weight 60 kg