Isowave 9060 M2 Platinum High Resolution 3-way Cinema Screen Speaker System

  • Product Code: 7134Q-HL
  • Isowave 9060 M2 Platinum High Resolution 3-way Cinema Screen Speaker System
Isowave  is the latest addition to  the internationally acclaimed range of Pulz cinema speaker systems. These systems are designed especially to cater to the highly demanding new emmersive cinema sound formats. 
The core of the system consists of 12" extremely low distortion low mid  driver with a coaxially mounted 1.4" exit compression driver.  The HF driver is loaded with a 90°H x 60° waveguide. This sophisticated wave guide also loads the LF driver.  Together they form a high sensitivity, high SPL motor system with exceptional linearity and directivity control.  
The system is further loaded with a large format 90°H x 60°V horn made of MDF which is scalable.
The design emphasizes consistency and stability of off-axis response providing more specially consistent sound compared to designs utilizing  offset drivers. The enhanced sonic accuracy Isowave speaker system is only possible due to the carefully integrated coaxial solution.
Isowave speaker systems are available in different configurations to cater  to cinemas from 50 to  500 seats.
Frequency Response 45Hz - 20kHz ± 3dB
Power Rating LF: 1000W AES, 4000W Peak, MF: 500W AES, 2000W Peak HF: 80W AES, 450W Peak
Sensitivity LF: 101dB/1W/1m; MF: 105dB/1W/1m; HF: 113dB/1W/1m
Maximum SPL LF 131dB, MF 130dB, HF 132 dB Continuous
Nominal Impedance LF: 4Ω; MF: 8Ω HF: 16Ω
Recommended Amplifier 700W to 1300W into 4Ω
Dispersion 90° H x 60° V
Low Frequency Driver 2 x 15" (380mm) weather resistant long excursion woofer
Mid Frequency driver 1 x 12"(300mm) Low Mid driver
High Frequency Driver 1 x 1.4”(35mm) co-axial compression driver
Crossover 250Hz Active, 1200Hz Active or Passive
Finish Black impact resistant structured coating
Connector Push type upto 4
Enclosure 18 mm MDF direct radiator vented enclosure
Horn 90° H x 60°V
Dimensions & Packaging
Dimensions (H X W X D) 1289mm x 1235mm x 804mm (70.49" x 48.66" x 31.7")
Packed Weight (Mid-High Frequency Section) 30.00 Kg
Packed weight (Low frequency section) 70.00 Kg