Pulz PZ Isowave XO410 Tri-amp Cinema Active Crossover

  • Product Code: Pulz PZ Isowave XO410 Tri-amp Cinema Active Crossover
  • Pulz PZ Isowave XO410 Tri-amp Cinema Active Crossover

The Pulz PZ Isowave XO410 is a dedicated active cinema cinema crossover designed to maximize the performance of the Pulz Isowave Cinema speaker systems. It has 4 balanced inputs and 10 balanced outputs for the Left, Centre and Right screen channels and one subwoofer channel in a 1U rack space chassis.

The filters are 24dB/octave Linkwitz Riley configured with low noise OPAMPS and close tolerance components. The additional features include subsonic rolloff, delays, CD horn EQ and screen loss equalization. Externally accessible thumbwheel switches are provided for HF, LF and BM level settings.

The Isowave XO410 can be configured for the Pulz Isowave 9060M2/9060D2/9060D4  3 way Tri-amp Cinema speaker systems. The Isowave XO410 also provides a subsonic and low pass filter for the subwoofer.

The Isowave XO410 also offers optional facility of bass management of the LCR speakers.

A sturdy rack mountable chassis, built in robust DC power supply and Phoenix type input output terminals ensures long-term reliability in all types of cinema projection booths.

Crossover 250Hz or 1kHz DIP selectable
Inputs 20kΩ Balanced Male 3-pin Phoenix
Outputs 100Ω Balanced Male 3-pin Phoenix
Maximum Output Level 8V before clip (min load impedance 4KW)
Signal To Noise Ratio >102dB @ 2V output
Distortion 1kHz 2V output 0.007% 1kΩ load,100Hz 2V output 0.003% 1kΩ load
LF Cut-off Frequency 250Hz or 1kHz DIP selectable 24 dB/octave Linkwitz Riley
Screen Compensation +10dB or + 5dB at 14KHz selectable
Delay 0.7ms or 1.4ms selectable
Mains Voltage 220-240V AC, 50Hz
Mains Fuse 250V, 20mm, 250mA Type T
Dimensions & Packaging
Dimensions (H X W X D) W 19” x H 1.75" x D 11.8"
Net Weight 4 Kgs
Packed Weight 5 Kgs